The 595RPM has no weakness!

Mick-Harding_STi-2Rally driver and owner of Techworkz Automotive, malady Michael Harding, try shows off his Subaru Impreza STi 2 Door and tells us about his experience with Federal 595RPM tyres:

“After over a decade of building and driving high performance street and race cars, I’ve driven most brands of tyres and I can’t fault my Federal 595RPM’s.


My current car is a Subaru Impreza STi 2 door which has 400 horsepower and is a very quick car, so when it came to choosing tyres, I needed a set that could handle the power at all four wheels while still being comfortable and reliable enough for everyday driving.

The 595RPM has no weakness! The steering response and turn in is direct and quick, they grip in the wet and dry and after 15,000kms they still look new...and I give them a pretty hard time.

When used on the track these tyres are very progressive and easy to control, I just point the car where I need it to go and put my foot down, they even withstand the stress and heat generated.”

I can’t see a reason to switch to any other tyre any time soon.”

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