595RS-RR | Extreme Performance

rs-rrProven on the most renowned circuit in Japan, the next generation 595 tyre has arrived. The high performance 595 series has evolved with a remarkable inferno shaped tread pattern and high grip compound, delivering extraordinary handling and cornering for unprecedented fast performance.

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595RS-R | Extreme Performance

595RSRProven on the circuit, this CAMS-approved semi-slick tyre is highly acclaimed and much sought-after for sprinting and track-day applications. Its sleek design and ultra high performance make it the number 1 choice for those requiring a motorsport tyre but with the assured standards of a street legal tyre.

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595RPM | Premium Street Grip & Comfort

595RPMMade for the driving enthusiast seeking unparalleled grip and handling, the 595RPM’s advanced compound and asymmetric tread design delivers the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

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595 | Ultra High Performance


Federal’s extremely popular ultra high performance street tyre, the 595 has proven to be one of the best street tyres available for today’s modern high performance cars. Designed for excellent dry traction and crisp steering response while maintaining reliable all-weather traction and handling.

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595EVO | Street Competition

595EVODesigned for the ultimate in street performance, the 595EVO provides extreme dry grip, superior wet weather handling and crisp, precise steering response.

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Formoza AZ01 | Premium Performance

az01The brand new asymmetric AZ01 is the result of extensive research and testing to achieve the best possible combination of performance, comfort, security and efficiency in one tyre.

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Formoza FD2 | Premium Luxury

FORMOZA-FD2This evolution of the Formoza series is a premium tyre designed for today’s luxury vehicles. High mileage, reliable and comfortable, it is the perfect choice for discerning drivers.

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Formoza GIO | All Season Comfort

SS535The Formoza GIO adopts multiple pitches, enclosed grooves on tyre shoulders and evenly cut sipes for lowering noise levels, special compound for enhancing traction and a brand new profile for avoiding uneven wear.

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SS657 | Everyday Comfort

SS657Ideal for family vehicles, the SS657 provides all season comfortable, confident driving for highway and everyday use. Long lasting, reliable and excellent value, the SS657 provides everything you need in a daily driven tyre.

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SS753 | Ideal for Family & Fleet

SS753This tyre is ideal for family vehicles and people movers as well as fleet vehicles, government and commercial applications such as taxis or hire cars. The SS753 provides a quiet and comfortable ride, as well as excellent mileage.

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Couragia XUV | All-Season Touring

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & MudCOURAGIA-XUV-front

This new all-season SUV touring tyre delivers excellent stability and comfort with state-of-the-art technology.

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Couragia FX | On Road Performance

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & MudCOURAGIA-FX-front_half

Designed in an asymmetric pattern with different functionalities in the inner and outer parts of the tyre, this highway terrain tyre was made for vehicles with high horsepower and a high centre of gravity.

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Couragia A/T | All-Terrain

70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & MudCOURAGIA-AT

Incorporating highly-advanced technology like Disorder Pitch Evolution Theory, a chemically-coupled silica compound and optimised pattern design, the Couragia A/T performs superbly and safely on all terrains.

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Couragia M/T | Heavy Duty Off-Road

20% Road & Sand, 80% Dirt & MudCOURAGIA-MT

Designed to conquer the impossible, this is Federal’s ultimate off-road tyre. Enjoy rugged off-road performance with the aggressive looks to match plus best in class traction, grip and strength.

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ECOVAN ER01 | Everyday Light Commercial

ECOVANThis tyre was specifically engineered to meet the practical needs of everyday commercial usage, based on a combination of design excellence, durability and value.

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MR273 | Economical Workhorse

MR273-halfExcellent steering, stability, and high mileage. Steel belted radial for prolonged highway use. An economical work-horse for trucks.

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MR295 | Fleet & Commercial

MR295Available in all popular sizes to suit most light trucks, this tyre is ideal for fleet owners and government use.

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MS357 | Highway Terrain

MS357The MS357 Highway Terrain features enhanced all season highway performance, with emphasis placed on providing a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. Specially designed tread grooves disperse water from the footprint to improve handling and braking on wet surfaces.

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