Formoza AZ01 | Premium Performance

az01The brand new asymmetric AZ01 is the result of extensive research and testing to achieve the best possible combination of performance, comfort, security and efficiency in one tyre.

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Formoza FD2 | Premium Luxury

FORMOZA-FD2This evolution of the Formoza series is a premium tyre designed for today‚Äôs luxury vehicles. High mileage, reliable and comfortable, it is the perfect choice for discerning drivers.

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Formoza GIO | All Season Comfort

SS535The Formoza GIO adopts multiple pitches, enclosed grooves on tyre shoulders and evenly cut sipes for lowering noise levels, special compound for enhancing traction and a brand new profile for avoiding uneven wear.

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SS657 | Everyday Comfort

SS657Ideal for family vehicles, the SS657 provides all season comfortable, confident driving for highway and everyday use. Long lasting, reliable and excellent value, the SS657 provides everything you need in a daily driven tyre.

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SS753 | Ideal for Family & Fleet

SS753This tyre is ideal for family vehicles and people movers as well as fleet vehicles, government and commercial applications such as taxis or hire cars. The SS753 provides a quiet and comfortable ride, as well as excellent mileage.

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