Couragia A/T feels safer on and off the road

glenn jackson

Jeep Action Magazine’s Glenn Jackson shows off his Land Rover Defender and tells us about his experiences with Couragia A/T tyres:

“Much to my disbelief, I never thought I’d find a tyre that felt as good as the Michelin’s, those whom have owned Rovers for years would realise that these tyres were made to fit hand in glove with Range Rovers and Defenders.

The new Federal A/T Couragia’s haven’t rolled huge kilometers as yet, but at around 10,000k’s they feel very, very good on both tarmac and gravel roads and a lot more solid to say the least. After fitment, the first trip the next day was from home via Coffs Harbour then west to Scone. The road over is by no means good, very windy, pot holed and uneven. Tyre pressures were checked hot after 500km’s with only a 2lb rise in pressure, impressive, yes but it now had me wondering why as others raise around four and even up to six!

The hardtop Defender was loaded with general camping gear, 74 litre fridge/freezer and 100amp battery, Swags etc, etc. These tyres were found to be quite on tarmac as well as being stable at high speed travelling on loose, deep gravel including patches of bad corrugations, they proved to be trusting and very predictable. Even with rear shock absorbers needing replacement, at no time did the vehicle become twitchy or skitterish it just drove as per normal much to my being ready for the surprising duck and dive here or there!

The Federals traction also surprised me on the damp hard clay packed forestry roads especially considering the rain we have had on the Mid North Coast. For an all-terrain pattern there open centre tread is shining through, I could feel the positive action in grip. Dry off-road and rocky terrain on hills found them to perform exceptional also.

Other brands previously used that had a square styled sidewall pattern similar to the Federal, were found to track badly, following the ridges and long pressure holes on poor roads of which the Dorrigo/Armidale road exceeds in! These tyres do not appear to affect the Defender in anyway badly, which in turn provides me with a feeling of confidence when behind the wheel. Tyre problems are always in the back of ones mind when traveling or when my wife is using it for daily driving to and from work, so far I don’t even think to worry.

Every day used this vehicle travels on gravel roads, rainforest bitumen roads that can vary from wet to dry patches on any corner of any day and hilly windy tarmac. They also feel very stable and sure footed in the wet weather which comes as a real good safety benefit.

On all accounts I am very happy with the handling and positive feel that ensures ones mind to feeling safer on and off the road.”

Glenn Jackson
Jeep Action Magazine

What our customers say

"I know I made the right choice, because not only do [the tyres] look good but offer excellent grip on the road and track when pushing the car to the limit."
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Bill Gulas
"Just awesome tyres - awesome handling, no real tyre flex and their grip is amazing - I will be using them all the time!"
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Stewart Baehnisch
"I needed a tyre that would perform on both the road and the track. I found the Federal 595RS-R was one of the only tyres that would cover this and not empty the wallet. Great value for money."
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Mark Waugh
"I must say these tyres greatly exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier with my purchase and will definitely be recommending them to my other friends with 4WD's."
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Jonathan Davies
"Federal tyres are very predictable in all situations so you can count on them to perform the times and, for the money, their performance is truly unbeatable."
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Option 1 Garage
"Federal Tyres are the only brand with the best balance of good traction, high durability and, most importantly, affordable price."
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Daijiro Inada
"I'm very impressed with the Federal muddies as they have heaps of grip and good value for money."
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Matt Egan
"I've driven most brands of tyres and I can't fault my 595RPM's."
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M. Harding
"The 595RS-R's ability to come up to temperature quickly is a huge advantage."
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S. Stevens
"The 595RS-R is the best street / track tyre I have used."
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J. Thomas
"The Couragia M/T is the best value 4WD tyre I've had."
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A. Bennett

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