The 595RPM has no weakness

mick harding

Rally driver and owner of Techworkz Automotive, malady Michael Harding, try shows off his Subaru Impreza STi 2 Door and tells us about his experience with Federal 595RPM tyres:

“After over a decade of building and driving high performance street and race cars, I’ve driven most brands of tyres and I can’t fault my Federal 595RPM’s.

My current car is a Subaru Impreza STi 2 door which has 400 horsepower and is a very quick car, so when it came to choosing tyres, I needed a set that could handle the power at all four wheels while still being comfortable and reliable enough for everyday driving.

The 595RPM has no weakness! The steering response and turn in is direct and quick, they grip in the wet and dry and after 15,000kms they still look new…and I give them a pretty hard time.

When used on the track these tyres are very progressive and easy to control, I just point the car where I need it to go and put my foot down, they even withstand the stress and heat generated.”

I can’t see a reason to switch to any other tyre any time soon.”

What our customers say

"I know I made the right choice, because not only do [the tyres] look good but offer excellent grip on the road and track when pushing the car to the limit."
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Bill Gulas
"Just awesome tyres - awesome handling, no real tyre flex and their grip is amazing - I will be using them all the time!"
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Stewart Baehnisch
"I needed a tyre that would perform on both the road and the track. I found the Federal 595RS-R was one of the only tyres that would cover this and not empty the wallet. Great value for money."
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Mark Waugh
"I must say these tyres greatly exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier with my purchase and will definitely be recommending them to my other friends with 4WD's."
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Jonathan Davies
"Federal tyres are very predictable in all situations so you can count on them to perform the times and, for the money, their performance is truly unbeatable."
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Option 1 Garage
"Federal Tyres are the only brand with the best balance of good traction, high durability and, most importantly, affordable price."
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Daijiro Inada
"I'm very impressed with the Federal muddies as they have heaps of grip and good value for money."
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Matt Egan
"I've driven most brands of tyres and I can't fault my 595RPM's."
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M. Harding
"The 595RS-R's ability to come up to temperature quickly is a huge advantage."
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S. Stevens
"The 595RS-R is the best street / track tyre I have used."
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J. Thomas
"The Couragia M/T is the best value 4WD tyre I've had."
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A. Bennett

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